prueba2 - The Danish Way of Parenting

  Jessica Alexander is an American writer and cultural trainer. She graduated with a BS in Psychology and went on to teach Cross Cultural differences in Scandinavia and central Europe for 6 years. She has been married to a Dane for 13 years and has always been fascinated by cultural differences. She speaks 4 languages and lives in Rome with her husband and two children, Sophia and Sebastian.
  Iben Sandahl is a Licensed Narrative Therapist, MPF, with her own private practice just outside of Copenhagen. She specializes in counseling families and children. Originally trained as a teacher, she worked for 10 years in the Danish school system before earning her degree in Narrative Psychotherapy. She is very passionate about her work and is regularly quoted in magazines and newspapers in Denmark for her expert opinion. She is a wife and mother of two girls, Ida and Julie.