The secret to the happiest families on Earth—in one word

Florida native Jessica Joelle Alexander wondered, when she married a Dane, what made his country the home of “the happiest people in the world.” For more than 40 years, Denmark has topped surveys ranking countries by happiness. And she could see the signs wherever she went.

Everyone just seemed friendly, welcoming…happy. Especially the kids.

But was it something the Danish grow up with, like all those Legos, bicycles, and pastries? Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy tales?

Or maybe the fact that Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens inspired Walt Disney to build Disneyland?

It couldn’t be the weather. (It rains or snows every other day.)

On second thought, maybe the weather did have something to do with it, because a big part of the answer definitely had to do with warmth. Alexander quickly realized that there’s a special kind of warmth—both sensory and emotional—that’s embedded deep in the fabric of family life. And now her children, 7-year-old Sophie and 4-year-old Sebastian, have learned the secret too.

All Danish kids do.

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