How to create a hygge/cozy time through music

One can’t fail to have heard of the Danish term “hygge” that has become widespread after the release of The Danish Way Of Parenting. Many have subsequently written on the subject and many books have since been published about the phenomenon. I am proud to be a part of who started the whole wave, because if just one family manages to incorporate some hygge in their family – and the effect rubs off on their children – I will feel satisfied and happy with my effort to spread the word.

People often ask me how they can create just the right atmosphere, but it is actually difficult to explain to others. Hygge has a special invisible energy, which is rooted in something between you and the other person, like a state of mind where you feel connected, filled with proximity and shared values transformed into something bigger – even though it might not be visible for those who are observing. There are certain physical and spatial elements, which are almost always included in hygge. A clearly defined, comfortable and secure space – a soft, warm feeling of peace of mind which can be seen both as an intentional time we spend together and as a general way of living.
Music is a way to let your guard down and enter this special universe.
In the new book: Hygge – The Danish Art of Happiness, Morten Lindberg, a.k.a. Master Fatman – Danish DJ and legendary radio host, has composed a playlist, with ten tracks that automatically put you in a hyggelig mood.

Music is one way to combine a way of relaxing and enjoying life with your children, spouse, family and friends and there are so many other ways to create the right atmosphere as well. The bottom line is that if you want to implement the right spirit you have to decide to be fully present and wanting it for real. You can always download the hygge oath to make it something all of you agree on.

• I´m Still in Love with You / Marcia Aitken
• As She Walked Away / Brother Jack McDuff
• Lua, Lua, Lua, Lua / Gal Costa
• What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life / Bill Evans
• Besoka On Salsa / Manu Dibango
• Samba Saravah / Pierre Barouh
• The Sewing Machine / The Sea and Cake
• O Rio Para Trás / Celso Fonseca
• I Wish You Love / Blossom Dearie
• Ain´t No Sunshine / Sivuca

I hope you will enjoy the selection Master Fatman prefers or make your own hygge playlist. Music does something good for most of us!

By Iben Sandahl


Iben Sandahl

Iben Sandahl comes from Denmark and is an internationally-renowned public speaker, best-selling author, psychotherapist and educator. She has more than 20 years of experienced insight into child psychology and education, which in a most natural way anchor the Danish way of practicing parenthood. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Salon, El Païs, Reader’s Digest, Greater Good Science, Elle and many more - and her main mission is to help parents raise happy and confident children. She writes for Psychology Today ( ) and leads an European Erasmus financed project on how to implement empathy in schools and institutions all over Europe.

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