Don’t we all know those feelings of frustration and lack of control when our toddler has a meltdown? Find out what you need to do to achieve the best outcome for both of you. Your child isn’t trying to tease you, but instead he or she tries to tell you something important, which isn’t possible to express in words. Take a look #thedanishway @ibendissingsandahl


Iben Sandahl

Iben Sandahl is a professional parenting expert, narrative psychotherapist MPF, family counselor, teacher and speaker. She has more than 20 years of experienced insight into child psychology and education, which in a most natural way anchor the Danish way of practicing parenthood. Her bestseller: ’The Danish Way of Parenting’ co-authored by Jessica Alexander has done more for the reputation of Denmark than all the national charm offensives put together. Her first book is being translated into 20 languages and countless books about “Hygge” have been published, as a response to the phenomenon described in the book.

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